Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The arrival of Sasha!

Today heralded the arrival of Sasha, the travelling stash, organised by Cass from Cass the Coolest.
Sasha made her way to me after her visit to Kristy at Quiet Play

Here's Sasha's contents spread across my dining table.
Lots of goodies in here - threads, patterns, fabrics, notions...hmmm what to choose, what to choose? It was a hard decision but I chose -
2 black and white stripey FQs
Green chair fabric (to match the one I got in red at Big W on Monday)
A pack of vintage sheet charm squares
A reel of ribbon
A card of inspiration.

My choice from Sasha.

In return, I needed to add some goodies to Sasha before sending her on her merry way!

From my stash I added -

A quilter's Fabricalculator
A pattern for a loop bag
A pack of novelty charm squares
4 FQs of fabric.

So I have packed Sasha back up neatly and she just sneaks in under the 3kg mark, weighing in at a healthy 2.92kg. She is ready to head off to her next destination!

Thanks to Cass for organising - it's been fun to be a part of :)



  1. How exciting, wonder who's next...!

  2. awesome. Sasha has changed so much since she arrived here!

  3. I'm so glad someone finally grabbed the vintage sheet charm squares I so lovingly cut up. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them x

    1. Oh Lara - they are yours! I wondered who might have added such lovely vintage goodness! I might dig out my other 2 vintage sheets and see how they all go together!

  4. Ooh I'm not even a vintage lover but I did have those charm squares on my "Keep" list at one point!

  5. I love the things you put in and took out of Sasha!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog...I can't email you back because you are a "no reply" blogger!

    1. I finally worked out how to fix that Jess!

  6. beautiful, beautiful beautiful
    I love that she has already visited me and I can now just watch from afar...
    cant wait to see what cassie does with it all..

  7. It's still so exciting to watch. I love what you've put in, maybe I should detour it to my place to steal out some of the goodies and send it back out LOL. Before now I hadn't even thought of that haha. But I wouldn't dare hold it up, if it's meant to be, I will get the treasures at the end. Thank YOU for taking part! So glad Kristy told me you guys were close by, I'd done the list up so long ago I had forgotten you were a group and I really appreciate you handling it really quickly. Still loving Sasha's journey! Love Cass