Friday, June 14, 2013

The Terrain quilt

My first introduction to Kate Spain's Terrain was a charm pack bought at a little quilt shop in QLD whilst on holidays in May 2011. I loved the line and with the aid of another charm pack ordered online from the same little shop, I made a pinwheels quilt as a gift for my friend's wedding in Oct 2011.

Pinwheels quilt in progress

But I wanted a Terrain quilt too!! I bought 2 layer cakes and then life got in the way......come 2012 and I was thinking I would make a quilt using half square triangles. So I got to work and made a whole heap of HST.....only to find that it didn't do it for me :( 

So I played around a bit and came up with this design, with the fabrics grouped (loosely) in colour ways and surrounded with a corresponding solid ( thanks to Sandy at Wrapped in Fabric for putting together a great Terrain/solid bundle).

The quilt is King size, my biggest yet! By the time I had finished piecing the top and back, I was really beyond quilting it. Queue my new friend Jenny - who saved the day and quilted this quilt for me in a giant stipple.

The back is white, with a strip of layer cake pieces down the centre.

Finished off with scrappy binding, I can now say I really love this quilt!

A shot of the quilt in our king size bed.

I still have some of the layer cake fabric left over.....and I have plans to do something with that in the next few weeks...maybe some pillows to match!

Today I am linking up with the lovely  Alyce from Blossom Heart quilts as part of the Kate Spain blog hop!

**Please excuse my dodgy pics - only had the Ipad to play with!**


  1. Wow that is amazing! Huge! And so colourful. What a stunning view you have from your bedroom too!

  2. Gorgeous Kate Spain quilt with an equally gorgeous view - man, you've got it all Marieka!

  3. Just love this quilt Marieka! I think it's one of my favourites of yours!

  4. Oh love love love your king size quilt and your pinwheels are fab too.

    And I agree with Alyce, what an awesome view!

  5. so so pretty. I didn't realise Terrain was such a beautiful line until I saw this :-)

  6. It seams you can never go wrong with Kate Spain LOL, Lovlely quilt!!!

  7. what a beautiful quilt; your work in playing with the design paid off!! I love the pinwheel quilt too! You must love waking up to that gorgeous view every morning!!

  8. Marieka it's beautiful!! Love!

  9. Glad you are back and showing off your talent again. It took Kate Spain though.