Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm back!

So after a bit of a Christmas/ New Year hiatus I am back :).

The first fews weeks of January saw us in the Barossa in the heat, working on our little house.

This is me patching the stone wall in what will be our bedroom.

We had a lovely time catching up with friends and making new ones. Our mulberry tree was in full fruit and we all enjoyed standing out underneath its cool leafy branches and eating ripe juicy fruit. I managed to stew some too...delicious with icecream or stirred through yoghurt.

I have to admit that when we returned my sewjo was nowhere to be found :( . It took a rainy,stormy weekend last week to bring her back. It was too wet outside to do anything, so I sewed instead!

I finished Lara from Luellabella's January Wombat Stew block. Lara loves teapots and have requested a teapot block. I used Charise's Craftsy pattern for a teapot and cup.

Lara also loves selvedges so I did my best to include one of those. I embroidered the names of my favourite teas as well.

Next on the list was a pattern test for Kristy from Quietplay. Kristy has created an alphabet pattern in both upper and lower case. I was asked to make the word Kindness and test the lower case.

Another fabulous pattern by Kristy...the whole thing came together quickly and easily. Kristy will have the patterns for sale in her Craftsy shop soon. Stay tuned!

I am also participating in Kristy's BOM....And Sew On...and here is my effort for January.

I am looking forward to making a start on the February is actually the one that I made for Kristy when she was Queen Bee in Wombat Stew a few months ago.


  1. So glad your sewjo is back! Looks like you're on a serious roll now!

    Your renovator skills look to be as fabulously impressive as your sewing skills. What a talented woman you are!

  2. Oh my goodness that is certainly a HUGE wall to patch. You look so tiny in comparison. They should feature your work on 'Country House Rescue'. Lovely to have you back.

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