Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Stash #12 - winners are grinners

This week I was the lucky winner of a quilt kit from The Patchwork Pilgrim! The competition was to name Nic's new Bernina Ovelocker. Now she already has Tina the Bernina so I suggested that Sheena would be a suitable name for Nic's new overlocker.....Tina and Sheena!

The kit is called Le Jardin de Papillon (which I think translates to the Garden of Butterflies) and includes fabric from the same range by Chris Chun for Clothworks.

Lots of fabric goodness here! Included in the kit are half yards and fat quarters of the following fabrics

I love the purple!

Little dots


These are my favourite fabrics from the bundle....especially the purple!

 I am not sure whether I will make the kit or's a little busy for my liking, even though the fabrics are pretty. I am going to stash it away for a while and see if it grows on me some more.

Do you often buy quilt kits? Or do you prefer to choose your own fabrics for a certain pattern? I'd love to hear what you do.

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  1. Ooh these are beautiful! I think I'd be the same as you - maybe a different pattern to show off the fabrics a bit more!

    I have only ever had one quilt kit before and it was a freebie mini quilt. I think I prefer to pick my own fabrics and do my own thing! :)

  2. Oh wow! Lucky you! I'm not a kit girl, I would use them as I see fit, not all together :) Then probably do the pattern with other fabrics LOL Although I'm not really a girl who follows patterns either LOL Such beautiful fabrics and such a great name!

  3. Oh I like those three at the end too....very Lizzy House! I have only ever bought a Flower Fairy kit with a panel.

  4. Ooh, the purples are lovely!

    I'm not really a quilt kit kind of girl, but I didn't even know there was such a thing until very recently. I really thought for quite some time that most people drafted their own patterns, figured out the quilty math, and picked out the fabrics to accompany it. Crazy, right?

    Whatever you do, those fabrics are lovely, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

  5. They are beautiful! I've never bought a kit, but then I have also only just finished my first "real" quilt!

  6. To my mind, quilting is a creative process. Buying a kit removes too much of that. A kit with a simple pattern would be a good first project when you're seeing if quilting is really for you.