Thursday, November 22, 2012

I was tagged

 Camilla from Faffling was kind enough to tag me in a little game of blog tag as a way of getting to know me a little better. Now I have never been good at these "tag" thingos, and frankly I don't follow 11 other blogs to tag :( But I am going to be a sport and answer the questions that Camilla asked me and to let you know 11 things about me that you might not know already :)

11 Things about me

1. I am the first born in my family. I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me.

2. I grew up on a farm, and I still have an affinity with rural life.

3. I am a people person. I enjoy talking to people about what they do. This makes my job as a radiographer a lot easier.

4. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things.

5. When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher or a National Park ranger. I have a love of birds that I got from  my dad.

6. I hate spiders. I am learning to tolerate them more but am still of the opinion that the only good spider is a dead one!

7. My hubby and I met at high school. We dated for a bit, broke up and then didn't speak to each other for 5 years. We got back in touch and the rest is history!

8. Since we have been married, hubby and I have lived in 9 different houses, in 2 different states.

9. I yearn for a simpler way of life - and hopefully I will find this when we move back to the Barossa next year.

10. I like old things - particularly kitchenalia. I love that an object can have a story to it - a measuring jug that is 60 years old was once a housewife's prize possession, a rolling pin may have made a hundred pies before coming home with me.

11. I have dutch heritage - my mum emigrated when she was 15. This year was the 50th anniversary of her arrival.

Camilla's questions for me.

What is one of the best places you've been to?

I really enjoyed Tasmania...lots of unspoilt areas there

Where would you like to travel to, even if not possible at the moment?
Hubby and I would really love to travel to France and spend 6 months living there.

What's the best thing you've made?
Quilts for my kids. They love them and drag them everywhere.

Tom's woodland quilt.

What do your family/friends think about your blogging?
I don't really think they have much of a opinion!

What else do you like to do in your spare time other than make stuff?
I like to read. I tend to read non fiction more than fiction. I also like to bake :).

Yummy apricot slice

What's the last good book you read?
I really enjoyed "Off the Rails" by Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly, two mates who cycled across Russia and into China. You can read more about it here

What's on your "to read" list?
I have a few things on my bedside table waiting to be read, but nothing special.

What's your real job?
I am a radiographer. I am currently working for Breastscreen where I take mammograms

Would you choose it again? Why or why not?
Yes. It is an interesting and varied job and allows me to use my brain whilst having contact with people. It has proven to be a very flexible job and there is nearly always work available.

How many places (different towns) have you lived in since you were born?
Six. Crowther, Sydney, Newcastle, Tumut, Rowland Flat, Coffs Harbour

If you weren't living where you are, where would you live?
I'd be living in the Barossa Valley!

OK....Kate from ManicMumdays has offered to be tagged! So here are my 11 questions for her.

1. Where is your favourite place to visit?
2. How long have you been living where you are now?
3. Do you have a no-fail recipe? What is it?
4. What's the last good book you read?
5. What's your "real job"?
6. Would you choose it again? Why or why not?
7. What would be your dream job?
8. Are you a radio listener? Talkback or music?
9. Are you a sweet tooth or a savoury person?
10. What would be your ideal Sunday?
11. What's the best piece of housekeeping advice that you have received?

Good luck Kate!


  1. Well I learnt a few new things about you ;) I love the Woodland quilt! So precious when the kidlets love what you make for them.

  2. I never knew of your secret France ambition!

  3. You can tag me and my blog if you like ... I'll play :)

  4. Thanks for playing. Great to read a bit more about you! It's quite a big interstate move you're about to do-exciting! Wll you work at Breastscreen in SA in Adelaide or do different work in the Barossa?