Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday stash #11

It's a grey and wet day in Coffs today. After weeks and weeks of warm, dry weather it is lovely to see some rain. It's the kind of day for mooching around with a good cup of tea, and hopefully some sewing

We have had a busy week with moving house and packing up the other house. But the end is in sight - the cleaner and carpet cleaner are booked and everything is looking good for settlement next Tuesday. I haven't touched my sewing machine for more than a week and I can't wait to get into things today in between some baking.

I have a few additions to the stash this week. All come from Big W. The tradeoff for taking T to look at the LEGO is that I get to browse the fat quarters! All the fabric I bought this week was with a project in mind.

The black flowers are going to be used to make Shirley's November QCA Bee block. You can find the pattern here. Shirley has requested black and whites for her block.

The pink sewing fabric might come in useful for Kristy's Wombat Stew block. Kristy is Queen Bee this month and has requested blocks with a sewing theme.

The next two fabrics are both from Riley Blake collections. After seeing all the great projects on the Sew Seasonal blog hop I have been inspired to get sewing. Rather than buy lots of Christmas themed fabric, I am going to try and use reds,greens and white for some of Alyce's ornaments.

And lastly...some orange and some hot pink! This is for Lara from Luellabella. She is QCA Bee Queen Bee for December and has requested this fantastic feather block in colours inspired by Gemma from Pretty Bobbins. Gemma made a gorgeous triangle quilt in oranges,pinks and grey with a touch of yellow thrown in. You can see it here

I don't have a lot of orange in my stash, but should be able to scrap together some pinks. I am hoping that I still have some bright orange Terrain scraps floating around somewhere!

Today is Remembrance Day...I will be making sure that I stop for a minute and remember the sacrifices made for others. Kate from Kate's Quilt has shared a poem today that sums it up. Read her post here.

So, on the list of things that I need to tackle in the coming week:

* my Wombat Stew house block for Jane (it was due last month!)
* my QCA block for Shirley
* toss around some design ideas for Kristy's sewing block
* make the binding for the 3 quilts that came back from the quilter last week.

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  1. Ooh some nice finds at Big W! Love the pink sewing themed fabric!

    Want me to bring some strips for Lara's block to quilt group? I have extras (even in orange!)

  2. Oh those red and white Riley Blake s are delicious. Well done on a huge week with packing, moving and organising cleaners. My turn next!

  3. That pink herringbone is GORGEOUS! and I love the hot pink sewing notions. I must get a move on and plan my Wombat Stew sewing block! x

  4. Nice! didn't even know Big W had fabric! Happy moving! that's always such a bit job!
    I'm tagging you in a get-to-know-other-bloggers game- hope that's OK? Check it out at once I get the post up!