Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday stash #7

Just a small addition to my stash this week. I had a little bit of time to kill yesterday afternoon while Master 7 was at a birthday party. Where to go, where to go?? Oh here's an idea - why not go to Spotlight??!!

In my defence, I did need to buy some homespun for a quilt backing - 6 metres in fact. There was a little quilting expo happening at our local spotlight, so there were a few extra discounts. My homespun was 30% off so cost me less than $5/m. There was also 25% off quilting accessories, so I got a replacement blade for my rotary cutters. I  have realised that I have to designate one rotary cutter solely for paper piecing, as I am finding that my blades are getting blunt a bit too quickly. I also picked up some cute little pegs to use in Zakka project.

There are also specials on fat flats - buy 2 get 1 free. I found these very funky text fabrics and I thought that they would be great to use in paper piecing project.

My favourite is the one with all the haberdashery ads...there is even one there for Singer sewing machines...I have a soft spot for Vintage Singers!

Am linking up today with Sunday Stash at Finding Fifth....if Fiona gets 10 linkers today, she will give away a charm pack of Kate Spain's Serenade....and I want it!!


  1. Goodness - what else to do while waiting on kidlets? Fabric shopping sounds like the perfect option!

    Loving those text prints - so cute!

  2. Six metres for a backing?! My goodness that's a lot! I need a new rotary blade desperately but haven't found the right size/brand here.

  3. Grrr and I was in Spotty on Thursday but doing the end of soccer season game, presentation and BBQ all day yesterday. Well done on a great haul. You had not mentioned 'Serenade' before but I know you are a huge Kate Spain fan.

  4. I saw those text prints yesterday when I went to Spotlight. Almost got a few. Love it.